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Heating Services

Today the vast majority of houses are losing hundreds of euros annually due to very inefficient heating systems. These heating systems are like this due to a number of missing features such as proper controls, lack of insulation, highly inefficient boilers and a simple balance of the circuit throughout the cylinder and radiators. On this page you will find details of the simple options that can be added to you heating system to make it more efficient and start saving you 100's of euro on a yearly basis.

Balancing a Heating System

Often an unbalanced heating system can result in a certain amount of radiators working in a house. A heating circuit will always take the easiest route available which will usually result in the radiators nearest the boiler working better that those further away. A simple system balance will ensure that there is an equal flow of water through each radiator allowing the house to be heated equally and sometimes quicker. The circuit will often spend more time circulating through the hot water cylinder coil and as a result will take longer for the radiator circuit to receive hot water. An installation of a balancing valve on the return pipe from the cylinder coil will help control the balance of the system further.

A Aaran Heating & Plumbing

Oil Boiler Service

An annual boiler service is a must for all households who own an oil boiler. It ensures a longer life span of the boiler as well as making sure the burner is working efficiently saving money in the long run.

A boiler service includes

Combustion Chamber Clean out
New Flexible oil line to Burner
New correctly sized fuel nozzle
Oil Filter Clean out
Efficiency and emissions test
Full boiler analysis on seals and possible faults

Heating services provided by A Aaran Heating & Plumbing

Booster Pumps
Booster Pump Repair
Booster Pump Replacements
Radiator Service
Radiator Replacement
Radiator Repair
Heating Repairs
Replace Burst Radiators
Replace Upgrade Circulating Pump
Air Locks
Re plumb's
Move Radiators
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